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Test AirConcurrentMap vs the Standard Java Maps

Embedded Team

Download AirConcurrentMap and try these tests You can compare how your Standard Java Maps do vs how AirConcurrentMap does, and decide when it is worth while to use AirConcurrentMap. You will see that AirConcurrentMap offers the fastest iterators, the best speed in concurrent, ordered operations, and the best memory management.

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Trivial Installation

Embedded Team

We announce our new Industry Standard compatible AirConcurrentMap that is plug-compatible with the standard Java Maps and free for non-commercial use.

Try AirConcurrentMap Free. All that is necessary is:

1. Download it;

1. Change the desired locations of the constructors of the standard Maps from, for example, ‘new ConcurrentSkipListMap()’ or ‘new ConcurrentHashMap()’ or any existing Map constructor to ‘new AirConcurrentMap()’;

2. Add ‘import com.infinitydb.airconcurrentmap.*’ to the top of the java file;

3. Change the CLASSPATH to include the airconcurrentmap.jar. This may simply require changing the CLASSPATH environment variable; and

4. Run one of:

  • your existing application
  • your existing tests
  • a custom test
  • one of the trivial tests we posted elsewhere, or
  • one of the extensive tests provided in the AirConcurrentMap zip distribution file.