InfinityDB v6.0.0 Seed Database v1.0




The is the initial directory structure to expand into a ‘home’ directory of your choice in order to boot a new server. It contains working databases called ‘demo/readonly’, and ‘demo/writeable’ that you can immediately use. The public user is ‘testUser’ with password ‘db’ but the admin password is not included. (For that contact boilerbay). The normal place to put this seed is $HOME/infinitydb-home. You also need InfinityDB Client/Server v6, which you can get elsewhere, such as the trial version here in the shop. By booting a server, you have one similar to the one at You will need to launch in http mode (non-SSL) until your keys are obtained for your host.

If you are not trying to boot a server, but just want to run InfinityDB in the regular pre-server mode of InfinityDB Embedded v4 or InfinityDB Encrypted v5, you don’t need this seed. InfinityDB Client/Server v6 contains all of v5, which contains all of v4.