InfinityDB Encrypted 5.1.4 Trial to 2019-9-1


InfinityDB Encrypted 5.1.4 trial to 2019-9-1.


InfinityDB Encrypted provides secure access to an InfinityDB by encrypting 100% of the data on disk 100% of the time. It also has continuous data integrity and authenticity checking, fast hashing, incremental multiple signing, and certificate management in the database file.

The trial timeout is on 2019-9-1

  • The 5.1 beta version improves on 5.0 beta by adding password changeability. There is a new InfinityDB.changePassWord(char[]) method.
  • The 5.1.1 beta version fixes an I/O bug in 5.1 beta.
  • The 5.1.2 beta version fixes an I/O bug (even better this time!) in 5.1.1 beta.
  • The 5.1.3 beta version fixes an encryption layer bug
  • The 5.1.4 version is released for general trial. It will change in the future to include key manager system improvements. The file format may change a bit, so encrypted files will not be future-compatible.