InfinityDB 4.x, 5.x and 6.x Trial to 2024-3-1


Version 6.0.32 trial to 2024-3-1



This is the InfinityDB program zip file, containing resources plus a single infinitydb.jar with:

  • version 4, the Embedded version, which can run in a standalone Java program,
  • version 5, the Encrypted version, which is identical to 4 except that it also provides optional ‘Transparent Data Encryption’, and
  • version 6, the Server, which runs as a standalone program and utilizes the version 5 feature for metadata.

The InfinityDB server program is version 6.x, which additionally requires the ‘boot’ database (previously called the ‘seed’), which is the initialization directory  structure, also downloadable here. It also includes the demo/readonly and demo/writeable databases, but these may be improved from time to time on, so look there once in a while and grab their contents. Simply expand the boot database into an ‘infinitydb-home’ directory, and provide the path to this when the server is launched.