InfinityDB 4.x, 5.x and 6.x Trial to 2023-9-1


Version 6.0.11 trial to 2023-9-1 build 2023-5-15



This is the InfinityDB program zip file, containing resources plus a single infinitydb.jar with:

  • version 4, the Embedded version, which can run in a standalone Java program,
  • version 5, the Encrypted version, which is identical to 4 except that it also provides optional ‘Transparent Data Encryption’, and
  • version 6, the Server, which runs as a standalone program and utilizes the version 5 feature for metadata.

The InfinityDB server program is version 6.x. This additionally requires the ‘seed’ database, which is the initialization directory  structure, also downloadable here. Simply expand the seed into an ‘infinitydb-home’ directory, and provide the path to this when the server is launched.

The server uses encryption for part of its internal structures called the ‘metadata’, but it does not yet allow encryption of the user database files that it manages, unlike the embedded version 5.x. The server is a standalone program, based on the embedded version 5.x itself.

  • The server can be part of a distributed set of interconnected servers using the ‘Item Packet’ protocol to connect them. Each server may  refer to any number of other servers by defining a set of virtual databases that appear to be local but are in fact remote. Client programs or users do not need any  knowledge of the distribution architecture
  • The server’s administration and database access uses a web interface with  PatternQueries
  • REST protocol allows access of the server backed by simple user-defined PatternQueries .