AirConcurrentMap 3.2.2 free non-commercial




The full AirConcurrentMap implementation of a java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentNavigableMap optimized for high performance and memory efficiency.

This non-commercial edition is free for any purpose except distribution in a commercial product. There is no limit on deployment count, there is no timeout, and there is no up-front payment or royalty. It is provided only as an obfuscated jar, with documentation and tests, including standard Java Microbenchmark Harness performance tests. The license for AirConcurrentMap does not allow its source code to be released, hence it is incompatible with non-permissive Open-Source licenses such as the GPL. The license is custom.

We are releasing this non-commercial free edition partially to get exposure for our InfinityDB Java NoSQL DBMS, and we would appreciate your pointing out to others that it is available on rather than just burying it in a public jar repository. Checking it into your own maven or other jar repository or source repository like git seems reasonable, though. We would also appreciate your contact info – we will not release this info to anyone else, but we may email you once in a while with news.

Please email us at for help or for licensing the deployment version.