PatternQuery Upcoming Features

Pattern Queries are the basis for upcoming features. The current release is for Rapid Application Development, but the following features are in progress:

Rapid Application DevelopmentGather, distribute, transform, edit, or delete small or large Item structures with minimal application code. This is like a third intra-JVM database access API, along with ItemSpace and the InfinityDBMap. Application Java code includes PatternQuery definitions directly inline. This is next to be released.
Consistency MaintenanceApplication-transparent capturing and transformation of database modification operations keeps redundant data structures in synch. Applications are simplified and isolated from database structure alterations. It is possible to maintain consistent alternate views of data for the ultimate in performance, convenience and flexibility. (Future release)
Client QueriesClient code residing in various places such as IoTs or remote applications using Java, JavaScript, or Python can access a database through a controlled path called a Client Query. This path uses the REST feature of InfinityDB version 6. Each Client Query is an access point associated with a single PatternQuery definition that determines the actions taken by the REST access on behalf of the client code. Client code does not have full access to the database, but is isolated, to increase security and to future-proof against database structure changes as needed over time. For example, web pages can include JavaScript code to use AJAX to get to the REST interface where a Client Query executes. Each REST access sends a single request to the server and receives a single response through one of possibly multiple available Client Query access paths . (InfinityDB Client/Server future release).
Ad-Hoc queryUsers can interactively create, edit, execute, save, retrieve, and share simple but powerful interactive queries to find and transform data. For example, developers can test and perfect queries for embedding in applications. Also, client programs who have write access to a database can store a PatternQuery in it and execute it in order to perform complex operations local to the server at high speed. (InfinityDB Client/Server future release).

See Using PatternQueries and PatternQuery Implementation for more.