InfinityDB Database Engine Programming Guide

InfinityDB is a persistent data store for embedded Java applications. It uses a patented algorithm (US Pat. 5,283,894) to provide features and performance not available in other embedded data storage systems. It is not a relational DBMS, and does not provide SQL or JDBC. However, it can easily represent and manipulate not only relational data but also a wide range of non-tabular or custom structures, such as text indexes, sets, Binary or Character Large Objects, an 'Entity-Attribute-Value' model, trees and much more. See for a free time-limited trial download.

Table Of Contents

  1. Features
  2. Simple Access Using Maps
  3. Basic Operations
  4. ACID Transactionality - v2.0
  5. ACD Transactions - v1.0
  6. EntityClass and Attribute Components
  7. Complex Values in the EAV Model
  8. ItemSubspaces
  9. AndSpaces and OrSpaces for Simple, Fast Queries
  10. Lazy Retrievals
  11. Hierarchical Navigation
  12. Object Persistence
  13. Array Components for Raw Data
  14. Index Components for Storing Large Arrays
  15. CharacterLongObjects and BinaryLongObjects
  16. The ItemEditor Database Browser
  17. Inversion and Indexes
  18. Bulk Loading and Sorting
  19. Dynamic Bulk Loading and Sorting
  20. Fast Input/Output in Item Streams
  21. Component Type Printable Representations

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