Jennifer Douglas LinkedIn

She worked in the software and hardware development world for decades wearing multiple hats. She has written marketing plans, user manuals, engineering documentation, legal contract drafts, training curricula and almost any other kind of text necessary to operate an engineering lab or software company. She has taught college English, and was a principal in a startup software company. She was present at the start of the personal computer revolution, working for PolyMorphic Systems in the 1980’s, when computers had 64KB of memory and 256KB of disk. She has a masters degree in English from the California State University East Bay.

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Roger Deran LinkedIn

Started his software development career at PolyMorphic Systems in 1975. He has 2 software patents relating to database index structures, and has spent much time creating improvements to database storage systems from the hardware level up to the access level. He is experienced in a wide range of software and hardware development technologies and in the architecture of software systems, particularly in SQL DBMS implementation. He is the creator and developer of the InfinityDB and AirConcurrentMap products. He holds a BSEECS from the University of California at Santa Barbara.