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Trivial Installation

Embedded Team

We announce our new Industry Standard compatible AirConcurrentMap that is plug-compatible with the standard Java Maps and free for non-commercial use.

Try AirConcurrentMap Free. All that is necessary is:

1. Download it;

1. Change the desired locations of the constructors of the standard Maps from, for example, ‘new ConcurrentSkipListMap()’ or ‘new ConcurrentHashMap()’ or any existing Map constructor to ‘new AirConcurrentMap()’;

2. Add ‘import com.infinitydb.airconcurrentmap.*’ to the top of the java file;

3. Change the CLASSPATH to include the airconcurrentmap.jar. This may simply require changing the CLASSPATH environment variable; and

4. Run one of:

  • your existing application
  • your existing tests
  • a custom test
  • one of the trivial tests we posted elsewhere, or
  • one of the extensive tests provided in the AirConcurrentMap zip distribution file.