High-performance, Embedded, Java Database and Map

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Our two high-performance, Java, key/value, data-store products are accessible by an extended standard Java ordered Map interface. They are used in a Time Series Historian, text indexing, web applications, and more. InfinityDB is our Java embedded database that stores its single file of data on disk,  in an extremely compressed format. InfinityDB performance reaches a minimum of one million ops per second. It automatically recovers after a system failure, without relying on logs or rollbacks. AirConcurrentMap is a standard Map which is faster and more memory efficient than the JDK Maps at medium size and above.

Both products feature our multi-core design that allows them to run faster, because they can use all cores simultaneously and safely.


This product is completely compatible with all standard Java Maps, and it is both ordered (a standard ordered java.util.NavigableMap) and concurrent (a standard java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentMap), with true multi-core concurrency. It is optimized for medium to large Maps.

For Medium to large maps, compared to the JDK Maps, it has these features:

  • true multi-core concurrency, keeping almost all cores busy for overlapped access, including scans
  • more memory efficiency, in most cases, by 30% to 50%
  • 90 per cent faster than java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentSkipListMap for get(), put(), remove(), higher(), lower(), ceiling() and floor().
  • streams with reduced server load and increased throughput 
  • faster Iterators and faster forEach()
  • a MapVisitor extension outperforms forEach().
  • an optional ThreadedMapVisitor extension outperforms streaming for all JDK Maps at all sizes.

Custom performance test code is provided, as well as code for the well-established Java Microbenchmarking Harness.

Learn More about AirConcurrentMap.

AirConcurrentMap provides free non-commercial and non-free commercial licenses. The licenses are in the download:


InfinityDB is an all-Java embedded DBMS. It has two API’s, one which is consistent with  java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentNavigableMap  and the other which is our original API that results in faster InfinityDB performance, but which is less intuitive to programmers.

The representation layer of InfinityDB is a tuple space, enhanced for nested Maps, Character or Binary Large Objects, huge sparse arrays, key/value structures, and wide tables with no effective size constraints. Please see the InfinityDB Programming Guide to learn about all the ways that it accommodates precise, yet unlimited structures. InfinityDB has transactions, compression, and multi-core concurrency. It is rugged, flexible, runtime-extensible, and simple. Its performance is a minimum of one million operations per second.

Avoid the text/binary trap: InfinityDB is strongly-typed, avoiding slow limited-size chunked text requiring formatting and parsing, and with no dangerous custom binary encodings that can have documentation, debugging, extension, versioning, and growth problems. Access is fine-grained for smooth growth from small to huge runtime-extensible structures.

Use the standard extended Java Map interface or a simple lower-level ‘engine’ access for creating relational, ER, EAV, KV, text, graph, taxonomy, or mixed database structures easily and dynamically with an organized clear forwards- and backwards-compatible evolving NoSQL schema. Databases can be defined, created and used instantly, without sacrificing easy future runtime enhancement over time.

Databases are efficient at any size, with  immediate space re-use in one file. No DBA is required for new structures to be defined and come into use. Database formats do not change over time or require data dumps, upgrade script execution, or re-loads.

For years, InfinityDB has powered industrial applications like the Atlassian ‘Fisheye’ Subversion software repository  browser, the Pacific Knowledge Systems medical information system and more, with thousands of active deployments. Free support is provided to our clients from initial interest until application development is clearly well in progress via email and phone and by providing small pieces of code. The InfinityDB Java embedded database Map provides a free trial for 30 days.

 Learn More about InfinityDB.

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