Java InfinityDB and AirConcurrentMap

Boiler Bay Software offers one on-disk and one in-memory data-store product.  AirConcurrentMap is fully compatible (interchangeable) with the Java Maps, and InfinityDB, is the embedded database that writes to disk. Both products are extremely fast, because both employ our unique, multi-core design, wherein each core processes its own thread safely.

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You can compare AirConcurrentMap with the JDK Maps and see the difference in performance. When you have created 1K Entries or more you will see:

  • true multi-core concurrency, almost all cores are kept busy for overlapped access, including scans
  • more memory efficiency, in most cases, by 30% to 50%
  • 90 per cent faster than java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentSkipListMap for get(), put(), remove(), higher(), lower(), ceiling() and floor().
  • streams with reduced server load and increased throughput 
  • faster Iterators and faster forEach()
  • additional optional functions including a Map Visitor that out performs forEach(), and a ThreadedMapVisitor that outperforms streaming for all JDK maps at all sizes.

Boiler Bay offers a free, 30-day, time-limited trial and  a full Development and Deployment version.  You can look at the licenses here and here. When you download your Free Trial, both Agreements are contained in the Zip file.


InfinityDB is an all-Java embedded DBMS. It provides unbeatable speed, has a flexible data model that accommodates relational and application-driven structures simultaneously. It has  built-in reliability, so that when your system restarts, InfinityDB will come back up and resume its operations from the point at which you last asked it to write to disk — yet again, something you control. There are no logs or rollbacks that a human needs to process in order to support InfinityDB. Not only is it automatic in its self driving recovery, but you do not need to install multiple files! One file with an optional configuration change if you want to shrink or grow the database size. This, of course, does not defeat its incredible compression. It compresses your data in three ways.

 Learn More about InfinityDB.

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