Java AirConcurrentMap and InfinityDB

Boiler Bay Software offers one on-disk and one in-memory data-store product.  AirConcurrentMap is fully compatible (interchangeable) with the Java Maps, and InfinityDB is an embedded database. Both products are extremely fast, because both employ our unique, multi-core design.

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The API is identical to the Standard Java Maps – in fact it is a java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentNavigableMap, optimized for more than about 1K Entries. You can use our time-limited trial version to compare the performance with that of the Standard Java Maps. Memory efficiency is higher than any JDK Map as well. Our extensions provide extreme performance for parallel operations even beyond streams.

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InfinityDB is an all-Java embedded NoSQL DBMS. It provides unbeatable speed, has a flexible data model that accommodates relational and application-specific custom structures simultaneously. It has  built-in reliability, with instant recovery on external failure without logs, using a single file for the entire database.  InfnityDB has compression, transactions,  multi-core concurrency, strong typing, and dynamic schema extension at runtime. Avoid the text/binary trap by combining the simple InfinityDB ItemSpace data model and the standard Java ConcurrentNavigableMap model. A wide range of utilities are provided to help build structures including mixtures of Key/Value associations, graphs, blobs, huge sparse arrays, texts, text indexes, symmetrical Entity-Attribute-Value triples, relations, sets, or nestable multi-maps. Get instant developer productivity!

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