Create Order out of your Email

If email is important to your business or professional community, you have a reason to consolidate it. The BoilerBase Email Indexer and Categorizer does just that -- automatically and behind the scenes.

You may be a member of one or multiple email communities -- cooperating groups, companies, corporations, or other professional organizations that share interest in certain email. Regardless of how many individuals send and receive email in a particular email community, the BoilerBase Email Indexer and Categorizer can automatically collect every single message that comes in or is sent out.

BoilerBase is an incremental solution with configurations that make sense for your needs, regardless of how many of you are in your email community. The product is inexpensive and takes no technical expertise to set up. We provide step-by-step instructions.

In all of our descriptions and instructions "you" means anyone for whom email is important. This can be one person, a home office, a law firm, a school, a professional consulting firm, a real estate office, a medical office, an interest group, a medical illness support and fact-gathering group, and much, much more.

Email Management Problems resolved by BoilerBase

If email is important to you, you have certainly had one or more of the following problems with it:

  • You receive it onto more than one platform -- PC, Smart Phone, centralized corporate server, or centralized Internet email service. Yet you need it all in one place.

  • Multiple people in your email community receive and send email from multiple locations.

  • It is critical that you backup your email, yet it is difficult, or even impossible, to manage that over all of the platforms where your email is used.

  • Out of all of the people in your email community, someone is always experiencing an interruption in their email backup routine -- perhaps they never back up, perhaps they experience a disk crash, etc.

  • Even if some or all of the people in your email community have Gmail or Yahoo mail accounts that reliably store all of these individuals' email in one location, you still need that email consolidated into one database.

Why is Email Consolidation Critical?

Only when all of your email is automatically consolidated into a single email database, can you benefit from having any message sent to or from your email community be instantly accessible. Once messages are consolidated they can be mined with the myriad of BoilerBase tools.

BoilerBase provides unparalleled power tools for organizing, categorizing, automatically grouping, relaying and many, many other tasks that help you find just the message or sets of messages you need. These facilities are far, far more valuable when you have instituted an email flow in your email community that guarantees that every incoming or outgoing message comes through the BoilerBase consolidator. Our instructions make this easy to do.

Consolidation Equals Document Index

If you teach, provide advise to clients, create documents, create any type of document that can be emailed, your email consolidator automatically becomes a document index. Anyone with access to the consolidator can locate relevant documents and then use them as a starting point for another work, that in turn, can be consolidated.

Consolidation Equals Retention

Many professional email users must retain every single message sent to or from their email community, because they may need to prove what they did or did not say something in email. Their email may be subpoenaed and the task of responding to an email subpoena can crush a company that is not prepared. We provide complete instructions for credible email retention.

BoilerBase Consolidation Yields Active/Live/Hot Archive

Have you ever tried to restore email from a backup? If so, you probably know about at least some of the pitfalls to which this vital operation is prone. Since email is user-centered, the backups are user-centered. In more formal, and possibly somewhat larger, organizations, the email is maintained on the Exchange Server where it is read remotely by the users. This centralized email server is constantly in flux as new users are added and others leave the organization. Yet, when a backup must be restored, it must be restored to a centralized database that is primed for the same users that it had when the backup was created. This may be confusing or difficult to accomplish, and may even require brining up a special new Exchange Server just to receive the restored email. Once the email is restored, it is located in different user-centered directories, much of which contain many emails in common with each other, and through which it is difficult to search. Also, it is not uncommon for the backup media to fail to be readable by the restore program, or to find upon an attempt to restore, that the backup was never made correctly.

The constant challenge to create comprehensive email backups poses different problems when users do not access the centralized Exchange Server. These users are trusted to backup their own email routinely and reliably. All too often, it is discovered that they have not been making routine backups when they loose all of their email in a disk crash. Or, the may discover that their backed up email is on old or damaged media and can't be restored at all.

BoilerBase makes automatic backup effortless, because it can be configured to pull in every message sent to or from every member of the email community, regardless of size. Once this consolidation is in effect, an email community can even choose to relay all of the consolidated email to an off-site secure server, so that it can be later demonstrated that every message has been routinely consolidated and retained. This consolidated email can be mined through use of the impressive array of grouping tools provided in the BoilerBase GUI.

Courts are deciding more and more often that off-line backups are not acceptable to demonstrate that a consistent and comprehensive backup procedure has been in place. BoilerBase overcomes this by providing a constantly up-to-date consolidated archive.

If you are using BoilerBase because it provides a Document index, you will immediately benefit from the way consolidated email is accessible to you and others in your organization.

Who Can Use BoilerBase?

Boiler Bay offers the BoilerBase Email Indexer and Categorizer to:

  • Attorneys to consolidate and retain email as well as attached documents, and to relay a copy off-site for secure retention. In case documents or emails are subpoenaed, the consolidated database can be mined using the inquiry tools. Try BoilerBase

  • Teachers to consolidate homework assignments and other shared documents and mine them using inquiry tools.Try BoilerBase

  • Researchers to consolidate findings, references to documents, documents and mine them using inquiry tools. Try BoilerBase

  • Support Groups to collect symptoms, medication particulars, treatments, available trials, patient development and then mine them using inquiry tools.Try BoilerBase

  • Investigators to pool findings and mine them using the BoilerBase inquiry tools.Try BoilerBase

  • Tip Line Operators who are processing tips from one or multiple phone lines and who can consolidate and then mine the tips for a rich variety of commonalties. Try BoilerBase

  • Home Business Owners to consolidate email from multiple platforms for future reference, and for mining using BoilerBase Injury tools. Try BoilerBase

  • Any Professional Organization that requires consolidated and reliably backed up email.

  • Any Professional Organization that Must Create Hot (active) Email Archives. Try BoilerBase

  • Small Business Owners who care about their email, want to retain all of it and reacces it efficiently for any of a myriad of reasons.

  • Any Email Community that Creates Important Documents Try BoilerBase

Mining BoilerBase Consolidated Email

BoilerBase provides a rich variety of tools that find commonalities among any number of messages within a database. Users can define inquiries that execute every time a massage is added to the consolidated database and they can run manual mining operations.

Here are brief descriptions of what can be done:

  • Any characteristics that can be specified about a message can be provided to manual or automatic grouping operations. The resulting "hits" or matches can then be examined, refined, added to, or subtracted from by running additional operations. .

  • A given message can be included in any number of categories.

  • Categories can contain and be contained by any number of other categories.

  • Automatic categorizations that conform to detailed user specifications can be run each time a message is added to the consolidated database, so that the message can be appropriately categorized.

You can only appreciate all this power by trying it out, and when your email database can have hundreds of thousands of messages, the results will impress you.

The Details

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