Email Discovery

Boiler Bay products and services provide an expedient and low-cost solution for performing industrial strength email searches as required in litigation discovery and other investigations.We can collect ANY amount of email, from one or multiple types of mailers, from the Exchange Server, from laptops that are not connected to the Intranet, from the smallest non-networked to the largest, geographically-distributed organization.

Our Process

We work with your subject matter expert to define the terms of the search and with your System Administrator to determine the best approach to gain access to the email. How we gain access depends on which mailers you are using, whether or not you use the Exchange Server, whether there are laptops that are offsite and not connected to the Intranet, and your preferences in view of privacy issues or other constraints. We CAN make it work, regardless of the details.

It may be preferable to subject every message to our search, or it may be important to restrict the search due to privacy concerns. We can be selective about which email is to be brought in to our consolidator, or we can be comprehensive.

Once we have agreed about how to proceed, we set out to pull into our consolidated database all email that our clients want us to search. We do this without interupting business.

As we bring email into the BoilerBase database, it is automatically categorized and every word of every message is added to the BoileBase word index.

With the word index and the automatic categorizations in place, we deploy our impressive complement of search functions in order to refine, merge, and split out categories until we have discovered all of the messages that comply with the search criteria of the subpoenae or investigation.

Once we complete the initial search, we review the results wtih our clients to make sure there are no changes we might want to make to any of the criteria that would yield better results. Its easy to make these changes and quickly provide the next round of results. We can repeat this process until it is clear that we have done a comprehensive job.

Our Results
We can relay our results to your standard mailer for viewing or provide our BoilerBase GUI for client use. We can relay the results to a BoilerBase retention system, and continuously update that system as new matches are discovered. See Email Retention. Still another option is export the results into one or more Berkeley Standard mail files, so that they can be viewed in any mailer that imports or directly supports that standard.

We are always willing to teach on-site personnel in the use of our products, should that be desired.

Our Strength

Our software and our expertise make us an unbeatable choice to accomplish industrial-strength email search operations.
We are happy to demonstrate our sofware and process. Contact us for more information.