Our affordable, highly adaptable BoilerBase technology applies in the smallest to the largest of settings. Consolidation is the common denominator of all our solutions. Through a variety of strategies, all email, already downloaded in the past, and if desired, that which will arrive in the future, can be brought into the consolidated database, automatically grouped according to business-specific criteria, and then searched or relayed for retention.

A major strength of our technology is its ability to collect everything that must be collected, while still affording privacy protection, where that is desirable. In some cases it makes sense to deploy collect and relay instance of BoilerBase at each workstation so that only selected (related to specific concerns) email is relayed for consolidation. Alternatively, it may be essential to collect every message from every workstation, networked or not. Our flexible technology easily supports these different requirements.

Consolidation can be done after email has been downloaded, in parallel with in-place mailer technology, or at the head-end. In all cases automatic selection and grouping technology makes it possible for the next step, whether that be to relay spam-free, duplicate-free, categorized email for retention, for use in knowledgebases, or for processing by individuals with standard mailers.