High-Performance Java Maps and Databases

We provide two Java key/value data storage products for you to include in your Java development efforts – one persistent, and one non-persistent. Both make use of the computer’s otherwise latent multiple cores; we use these cores concurrently. Our designs address many issues that will appeal to application designers, whether they are writing normal Java applications or are designing  specialized embedded applications or server-based products. Developers will find the key/value store they need. One is free for non-commercial use, the other provides a free trial.


This product is completely compatible with all standard Java Maps. Download it and try it out with minimal effort. By merely changing your map constructor, you can test it and see for yourself that it is faster, more memory efficient and that its iterator works faster than the standard iterator.  Our tests demonstrate that AirConcurentMap is 90 per cent faster than the standard Java ConcurrentSkipListMap for get/put/remove or higher/lower/ceiling/floor. Moreover, it reaches 5 times faster at iterating as Map size increases, and forEach is much faster as well. It has 50 to 70 per cent more capacity than any Java library Map above 1K Entries. This speed and capacity is due to multi-core concurrency, yet you can enjoy even more speed, by using the optional  visitor feature or forEach that will further improve performance  reaching 10 times the normal iterator speed. A further optional nearly transparent threading feature reaches 20 times normal iterator speed and beats streams.

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AirConcurrentMap provides free non-commercial and commercial licenses:


You won’t use SQL, you won’t need a DBA, yet you will achieve an instant DBMS, by using our extremely simple API. Avoid the text/binary trap. This multi-core, extended Java key/value system delivers millions of operations per second. A tiny set of primitives allow direct control of your database. Create inter-structure-compatible relational, ER, EAV, KV or mixed database structures easily and dynamically with an organized clear forwards-compatible evolving schema. InfinityDB is transactional, reliable, flexible, extensible, schemaless, compressing, and has a simple API. For years, InfinityDB has powered industrial applications like the Atlassian fisheye svn browser, the Pacific Knowledge Systems medical information system and more, with thousands of active deployments. InfinityDB provides a free trial for several months.

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