Fastest most Efficient Multi-core Map

90% Faster get/put/remove, 5x Faster scan, 70% Higher Capacity Multi-Core Ordered Map. Plug compatible with all of the Java Maps, yet its internal design is fundamentally multi-core, for faster, safer concurrent operations than any standard Map. Memory capacity reaches 70% higher than any standard Map. Iterators reach at least 5 times the speed of any standard Map. 
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NoSQL, no DBA, no scripts: an instant embedded DBMS.

Avoid the text/binary trap. This multi-core extended Java key/value system delivers millions of operations per second. A tiny set of primitives allow direct control of your database. Create inter-structure-compatible relational, ER, EAV, KV or mixed database structures easily and dynamically with an organized clear forwards-compatible evolving schema. Transactional, Reliable, Flexible, Extensible, Schemaless, Compressing, Simple. For years, InfinityDB has powered industrial applications like the Atlassian fisheye svn browser, the Pacific Knowledge Systems medical information system and more, with thousands of active deployments.


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